A life-changing provision

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From the desk of:
Mat Staver, President
Liberty Relief International

February 1, 2019

I recently received coupons in the mail to purchase discounted items from a number of local vendors. Quite often, $5.00 is the price point used for value meals, small pizzas, household supplies, small auto accessories and a number of other items -- none of which are life-changing. Liberty Relief International wants to let you know what else your $5 can do that truly is life-changing.

One of our Christ-centered ministry partners in the Middle East can deliver Bibles inside Muslim-majority nations for just $5 each. Bibles are a lifeline to new believers and persecuted Christians who often risk their lives just to own a copy.

Friend, would you be willing to help get copies of God's Word into the hands of new believers with Muslim backgrounds, spiritual "seekers," and persecuted Christians by making a tax-deductible gift today?

Go here to help provide Bibles and other discipleship resources to brothers and sisters living under the threat of violence, oppression, and brutality in Muslim-majority nations:

Click here to help persecuted Christians.

We want to help deliver Bibles in areas touched by ISIS evil and civil war. But we can't without your support! Perhaps you can make a tax-deductible gift of $25, $50, or even $100 today to help provide copies of God's Word to men, women and children suffering under violence, oppression, evil and brutality.

Please stand with me as a lifeline of provision for brothers and sisters in the Middle East. Go here to help feed the Word of God to those who want to learn more about Jesus.

Thank you in advance and may the Lord richly bless you!


P.S. Again, new believers with Muslim backgrounds, spiritual "seekers," and persecuted Christians are pleading for Bibles. Please prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do to help feed them the Word of God. For just $5, our Christ-centered partner in the Middle East can carry a Bible into a Muslim-majority nation. Your gift of $100, $50 or even $25 can make an eternal impact. Please click here or on the logo below to make your best tax-deductible donation now, as we continue this and other vital outreach efforts:

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