Churches shut down; Christians "desperate" for this...

Friday Morning:

In the past few weeks, reports of Christian persecution make it clear that believers in Jesus are coming under increasing attack. In one Muslim country, nine churches recently closed after facing pressure from government authorities. And earlier this month, at least seven believers were killed by masked gunmen who were part of a radical Islamic group.

+ + Christians "desperate for Bibles"

Yet despite these attacks and the fact that being a Christian can be a death sentence in many countries, the hunger for God's Word has never been greater! One Christian worker who is supplying Bibles to persecuted believers says, "There are still countless believers... who are desperate for Bibles.... They would do anything to get their hands on one."

I want to help!

One of Liberty Relief International's ministry partners in the Middle East can carry Bibles into Muslim-controlled nations for about $5 each. JUST FIVE DOLLARS!

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+ + New Muslim converts need our help...

Providing Bibles is the LEAST we can do for our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing persecution -- especially those who are newly converting to Christianity.

Right now, we are living during one of the greatest spiritual harvests in the Muslim world that we've ever seen. Thousands are coming to Christ! But we must get these new believers Bibles and other support resources as soon as possible! That's because we know that 75 percent of new believers with Muslim backgrounds return to Islam if they don't receive active discipleship within six to 12 months of accepting Christ.


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Thank you, in advance, for bringing light into dark places.

God bless you!


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