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One of our Christ-centered partners working in East Africa is asking for prayer after deadly attacks on a Christian college in South Sudan. They are requesting specific prayer for injured and traumatized survivors, as well as for the families of those murdered by soldiers from the Sudan People's Liberation Army.

Click here to help.The attacks, which occurred over several days in May, killed five school children, three staff members and two others at the college. Members of Sudan's "presidential guard" also raped two 14-year-old girls on the campus. In the aftermath of these heinous attacks our ministry partner in the region reports:

"The government has pleaded with (the Christian college) to not suspend activities, promising protection. ... Pray that there will be sufficient protection and that the school will be able to open again. ... Pray that God would surround (the staff) in His comfort as they take well- deserved rest and come to terms with the terrible events. Pray for physical and emotional healing for the girls who were raped."

Later this month, the college reportedly will begin a trauma-care program to help bring healing to those affected. They're praying for "justice to be done" and "for the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those who perpetrated the acts of violence." Remarkably, staff members and students want the soldiers "to see their need for the salvation Christ alone offers."

As I've stated previously, the targeting and persecution of Christians worldwide must be stopped. But the Western Church also needs to support our brothers and sisters in harm's way. That's why Liberty Relief International wants to help mitigate pain and suffering in South Sudan. Please support our efforts to get relief aid and discipleship materials to the persecuted this month!

Your tax-deductible donation today will help meet the most critical and urgent needs of persecuted Christians and others suffering under evil, oppression and brutality. Please click here or on the banner below to make your most-generous, tax-deductible gift now:

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Since 2014, Liberty Relief International has worked with Christ-centered partners to alleviate suffering and share the gospel. Through God's grace and provision, we've been able to impact tens of thousands of persecuted brothers and sisters in the Middle East and elsewhere. This month, our goal is to raise $10,000 over and above our normal operating expenses to help provide hope and healing. Please click here to support efforts to bless persecuted Christians in South Sudan.

This weekend, I'm asking you to pray for the victims and their families and then to help them with your gift of support. Thank you, in advance, and God bless you.


P.S. The final prayer request I want to share with you relates to the "perseverance of (the Christian college) to continue classes" in an effort to "be a source of great encouragement" in South Sudan. Amazingly, this group of brave believers wants to see these horrible attacks bring God glory. Please stand with us to help provide relief aid and discipleship materials to persecuted brothers and sisters in Africa. Click here or on the banner to make your best tax-deductible gift now to support these and other vital efforts: