Rita's story

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From the desk of:
Mat Staver, President
Liberty Relief International

Tuesday morning

A remarkable testimony was recently shared by one of our ministry partners: "Rita, a Christian woman from the Iraqi town of Qaraqosh, was 26 when Islamic State militants invaded her town and took her captive. She was sold and bought four times as a sex slave before she was freed in 2017 and reunited with her father. She endured four years of captivity, four years of beatings, rape, mockery, intimidation, and isolation. Islamic militants, she says, see women as goods they can buy and sell and torture for disobedience." Rita is among the women our ministry partner helped restore after her captivity.  

Liberty Relief International is working with boots-on-the-ground partners to bring life-saving resources and Christian discipleship to new and persecuted believers. Our goal this month is to raise $10,000 toward this vital outreach. Please consider a generous tax-deductible gift today to help young women like Rita.  

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The statistics of Christian persecution around the world are shocking and horrific. Open Doors' World Watch List uses data from their fieldworkers and independent experts to track the deep structures of persecution.

Among their recent findings:

"More than 245 million Christians in the world are highly persecuted for their Christian faith.

1 in 9 Christians worldwide experience high levels of persecution

The persecution of Christians is increasing year over year."

In many Muslim-controlled countries, believers like Rita face being ostracized, jailed or even killed for their faith in Jesus. To take a stand on behalf of these brothers and sisters, Liberty Relief International is working with ministry partners on the ground in these troubled regions to help provide Bibles, discipleship materials and life-sustaining supplies to people who are enduring extreme persecution and hardship. Your tax-deductible gift will help us provide these valuable resources

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Since 2014, our organization has worked with Christ-centered partners to alleviate suffering and share the gospel. Through God's grace and provision, we've been able to impact tens of thousands of persecuted Christians and new believers with Muslim backgrounds in the Middle East.

We strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ as we help facilitate the delivery and distribution of humanitarian supplies and discipleship materials in areas with urgent and desperate needs. Our goal is to raise $10,000 this month. As of right now, we are just over 50% toward meeting that need with just a few days remaining in the month.  Please consider a special gift as you're able.

Thank you, in advance, for being a light in the darkness today.

God bless you!