Your Gift Can Bring Hope To Persecuted Christians In South Sudan!

Liberty Relief International seeks to meet the most critical needs of persecuted Christians and others living under oppression and brutality. Since 2014, we have worked with Christ-centered partners to alleviate suffering and share the gospel in the Middle East and elsewhere.

This month, we want to support persecuted believers in South Sudan. A Christian college and a primary school there recently endured horrific and deadly attacks by soldiers from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Liberty Relief International is standing with a Christ-centered partner working to alleviate suffering in East Africa.

With the college planning to re-open soon, staff and students reportedly aren't sure if they can trust the government to keep them safe from additional attacks. "(Officials) are saying that they're going to promise protection," our fellow relief ministry says. "However, the nature of this attack … makes you wonder. There were things perpetrated upon these folks that leave scars."

Please support our efforts to get humanitarian supplies and discipleship materials to brothers and sisters in the region!

Simply complete the form below to extend a hand of compassion and hope by making your best tax-deductible gift now. Your donation of any amount will bless persecuted Christians in South Sudan and support other vital relief efforts. Please help us reach our goal to raise $10,000 over and above our normal operating expenses in August.

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