Tens of thousands leave Islam to follow Jesus!

From the desk of:
Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Relief International

November 19, 2018

Even in the midst of ISIS terror and devastating civil war, Muslims reportedly have come to faith in Jesus by the thousands and tens of thousands. Men, women and children, who heard the Gospel for the first time, have walked away from Islam and into the arms of Christ. It truly is a miracle! 

Many of these new believers are refugees suffering under oppression, brutality and evil. But when Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East fed them the Word of God, their lives changed for eternity! As a result of this awesome move of the Holy Spirit in Muslim-dominated countries, the need for Bibles has become almost unprecedented.

You and I have the unique opportunity to play a key role in this "Miracle Harvest" of souls, <#first_name#>. Through Liberty Relief International's work with other Christ-centered organizations in the region, we can help brothers and sisters grow and strengthen their faith.

One of our ministry partners in the Middle East can carry Bibles into Muslim-controlled nations for about $5 each. But new believers with Muslim backgrounds aren't the only ones praying for copies of God's Word. Persecuted Christians and spiritual "seekers" urgently need them too. Will you please help?

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One of the most alarming statistics our Christ-centered partner has shared is that 75 percent of new believers with Muslim backgrounds return to Islam if they don't receive active discipleship within six to 12 months of accepting Christ. Three out of every four reject Christ! That statistic should make the Western Church very uncomfortable. In fact, it's one that believers like you and I should refuse to accept!

So please consider partnering with us, right now, on behalf of those suffering under oppression, brutality and evil. Click here to help feed the Word of God to new believers with Muslim backgrounds, persecuted Christians and spiritual seekers, while also supporting Liberty Relief International's other vital outreaches.

Thank you, in advance, for bringing light into dark places.

God bless you!


P.S. Again, we urgently need your financial support to help sponsor Bibles for new believers and persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Our Christ-centered partner in the region can deliver copies of God's Word for just $5 each that will help grow and strengthen the faith of those brothers and sisters. Please click here or on the banner below to make a tax-deductible donation of $25, $50, $100 or more to empower Liberty Relief International's vital outreach efforts: