Violent and deadly attacks

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Violent and deadly attacks against Christians are occuring on a global scale. In fact, the amount of persecution we're witnessing is unprecedented in some countries. While the Western Church remains well insulated and protected from much of the suffering, oppression and brutality, believers in other parts of the world urgently need our support!

Liberty Relief International wants to help persecuted brothers and sisters grow their faith by sponsoring efforts to feed them the Word of God. Please see my previous update below to learn more about our ongoing outreach to the Middle East. Or click here to help now with your tax-deductible gift of any amount —Mat. 

Countless persecuted believers around the world are praying for a copy of God's Word to encourage and strengthen them in their faith. Recently, I received the update below from a Christ-centered partner highlighting the critical need for discipleship resources in the Middle East and elsewhere:

"(I)n many parts of the world, the most dangerous book is the Bible. Yet believers are risking everything to possess a copy of God's Word and share this treasure with others. Getting a copy of the Bible is difficult, and watching eyes are everywhere. … Our brothers and sisters live in some of the most difficult places in the world to follow Jesus, but you can help refresh them spiritually in their time of need."

We've also learned that "hearts are open like never before" to receive God's Word: "Seekers and believers alike need the spiritual nourishment that can only be found in the gospel. But without Bibles and Christian discipleship, many new believers may struggle in their faith."
Studies indicate that 75 percent of new believers with Muslim backgrounds, who don't receive active discipleship within six to 12 months of their conversion, return to Islam. That statistic is as alarming as it is unacceptable.

This month, Liberty Relief International is continuing our work with a Christian-outreach partner whose workers can carry Bibles into Muslim-controlled areas for just $5 each. By making a tax-deductible gift of ANY AMOUNT today, you can help feed the Word of God to people who want to know more about Jesus.

Please click here or on the banner below to help sponsor Bibles for persecuted Christians, new believers with Muslim backgrounds and "seekers" in the Middle East:

Click here to help persecuted Christians.

We're doing everything possible to feed the Word of God to brothers and sisters living under violence, oppression and brutality in the Middle East. Why? Because our Christ-centered partner has told us, "The one thing these secret believers pray for the most is a copy of the Bible."

Anti-Christian governments around the globe are leaving believers vulnerable to attacks and persecution. Some are shunned by their families or stripped of their livelihoods because of their faith. Please support our efforts to provide copies of God's Word to persecuted Christians, new believers with Muslim backgrounds and "seekers" in countries like Iraq, Egypt and Syria. Click here to help now.

Thank you, in advance, for being a lifeline of provision to these brothers and sisters.


P.S. Since 2014, Liberty Relief International has worked to alleviate suffering and share the gospel in the Middle East. Through God's grace and provision, we've been able to impact tens of thousands, but the need for Bibles and other resources in the region is still urgent. Our Christ-centered partner can carry copies of God's Word into Muslim-dominated countries for just $5 each. Please click here or on the banner below to help sponsor Bibles for our brothers and sisters by making your best tax-deductible donation now, as we continue this and other vital outreaches:

Click here to help persecuted Christians.

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