Wife Of Martyr Speaks Out

Last week, I told you about an Egyptian brother in Christ murdered by ISIS terrorists about a year ago. Today, I want to tell you about the wife and child he left behind. Her words will stir your heart:

"In the beginning after I lost my husband, I was in a very bad situation and I grieved very much. But I then felt the work of God in my life," this remarkable widow explains. "The Lord is good. He has stood with me and comforted me. He has met our physical needs since my husband passed away. He loves us so much. He is an amazing God."

She adds that her husband "kept the faith until his last breath," which has strengthened their 15-year-old son's walk with the Lord. "He is very brave like his late father, and he has a strong relationship with God," she says. "The death of his father has [brought] him very close to God. He prays constantly and [excels] at Bible study. I thank God for him."

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